Just a little about my world

 I am a beautiful brown woman that is born and lives in Brooklyn, New York. 

My mother first introduced me to the art of purchasing hair for fashion and style, from afro puffs and mile high afros.  I loved watching Mom and her friends style their hair.  I wanted to learn the art of transformation.  I loved all the different looks that could come from just being creative. 

As people we can change our hair at a drop of a dime, form wearing a wig, a weave, a blowout or to a silk press.  Keeping your natural crown strong and beautiful is part of the art and having the right tools to keep it up is the other.  Protective hairstyles are not new to women.  We all protect our crowns in our own ways.  

As a woman, I know I can do anything that I want and I want to look good while doing it!  My hair line will help you achieve the looks that you want and will keep you up to date with the worlds trends and your own unique style.